New Trends and Developments in Vaccines. Edited by Voller A. Friedman H., pages. University Park Press, Baltimore, 1978. Price, $29.50.

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Based on the proceedings of an international conference held in Brussels, with chapters on pediatric vaccines (S.A. Plotkin); measles vaccines (E. Norby); vaccines against influenza (C. Hannoun) and the New York swine influenza immunization program (PJ. Imperato); rabies vaccines (J. Crick); rubella vaccines (C. Huygelen); vaccines for poliomyelitis (J. Salk and D. Salk); hepatitis viruses and vaccines (M.R. Hilleman and colleagues) and developments with hepatitis B vaccines (AJ. Zuckerman); and herpesvisus vaccine development (S.K. Vernon and coauthors). Other subjects include a review of ribosomal vaccines (T.K. Eisenstein); cholera vaccines (H. Friedman); vaccine against pheumonoccal infections (G. Schiffman); meningococcal vaccines (W.A. Hankins) and their development (R. Triau); immunization against dental caries in monkeys (T. Lehner and associates); vaccination against tropical parasitic disease (A. Voller); notes on veterinary vaccines (AJ. Beale); and

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