Society, Stress and Disease. Volume. The Productive and Reproductive Age—Male/Female Roles and Relationships. Edited by Levi Lennart. pages. Oxford University Press, New York and Toronto, 1978. Price, $41.00.

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The four sections in this work, each representing a session at a symposium sponsored by Uppsala University and the World Health Organization, deal with the concept of normality in male-female roles and relationships, pathogenic psychosocial stimuli originating from these roles and relationships, associated diseases, and prevention of stress originating from male-female relationships.

The papers are markedly uneven in quality, breadth, depth, and even length. The negligible editing and proofreading, combined with apparent poor translation of many papers, often leave the material unclear or unintelligible. There are some excellent contributions by well-known Americans: John Money on the determinants of human sexual

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