From Cardiac Catheterization Data To Hemodynamic Parameters. Second Edition. By Yang Sing San Bentivoglio Lamberto G. Maranhâo Vladir Goldberg Harry. pages. F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, 1978. Price, $25.00.

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Rather than featuring catheter techniques and their clinical application, this second edition again emphasizes the acquisition of catheterization data for the understanding of hemodynamic phenomena. Included are discussions of primary and derived circulatory data and the various methods to record them: pressure measurements, cardiac output, flow resistance, formula for valve orifice, assessment of valvular stenosis, valvular regurgitation, and shunts. Considerable background information is provided for the critical evaluation of alternative methods such as fluid-filled versus catheter-tip transducer systems and their performance characteristics and artifacts, and the Fick method versus indicator dilution for flow measurement, including thermodilution.

Comprehensive chapters cover the

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