Modern Perspectives in Epilepsy. Proceedings of the Inaugural Symposium of the Canadian League Against Epilepsy. Edited by Wada Juhn A., Eden Press, Montreal, Quebec, and St. Albans, Vermont, 1978. Price, $16.00.

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A 52-page chapter by F. Morrell (Chicago) focuses on two of the central issues in epileptic research: nature of the cellular alterations in epileptogenic foci and the process of epileptogenesis itself. Other chapters concern clinical electrographic correlations of partial seizures, concept of the mechanism of generalized epilepsy with bilaterial spike and wave discharge, medical education and epilepsy, development of a comprehensive epilepsy program, recent neurobiologic advances in epileptogenesis, predictions of future treatment of epilepsy, and future role of surgery. Psychosocial aspects of epilepsy are dealt with in a chapter on education about epilepsy and one on requisites for rehabilitation that

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