Methoden der Klinischen Pharmakologie. Edited by Kuemmerle Helmut-Paul. Urban & Schwarzenberg, München and Wien, 1978. Price, not given.

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Clinical pharmacology has become in the past decade one of the most productive subdisciplines of pharmacology, straddling one of the most promising areas of medicinal chemistry, physiology, and pharmacokinetics. This methodologic work is an appropriate corollary to the previous offering by Kuemmerle, Garrett, and Spitzy entitled “Klinische Pharmakologie and Pharmakotherapie” (Urban & Schwarzenberg, Munich, 1976). It brings us up to date on the newest techniques of human drug experimentation, dealing with a wide variety of topics such as psychotropic drugs, neuromuscular blockers, bronchodilator and secretolytic drugs, diuretics, endocrine agents, dermatologic agents, radionuclides, and neonatal pharmacology. Every chapter is lucidly written,

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