Hepatitis Caused by Halothane Sniffing

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Halothane has been identified as the cause of hypersensitivity-mediated hepatitis (1). Repeated use of this agent has frequently caused hepatotoxicity in humans (2, 3) and laboratory animals (4–7). We recently cared for three patients who developed hepatitis after repeated sniffing of halothane to produce a drug “high.”

Patient 1, a thin, 25-year-old Mexican female scrub technician at a local hospital, complained of sore throat, headaches, malaise, nausea, vomiting, and fever of 40 °C. Three days later she was admitted to the hospital where her temperature was 34.5 °C, blood pressure 128/70 mm Hg, and pulse 100 beats/min and irregular. Jaundice

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