Renal Histopathology. A Light, Electron, and Immunofluorescent Study of Renal Disease. Second Edition. By Meadows Robert. pages. Oxford University Press, New York and Milbourne, 1978. Price, $55.00.

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The advances in our understanding of renal pathology, gained from immunofluorescent and electron microscopic studies over the past 20 years, enable the pathologist armed with this knowledge to interpret light microscopic material far more intelligently. (Often, indeed, there is no need to resort to more expensive and time-consuming electron microscopic study.) Hence, the very title and the thrust of this work is toward meticulous observation and description of light microscopic alterations in the kidney, complemented by ample immunofluorescence and electron microscopic data.The first section gives a description of the normal anatomy and basic pathologic alterations of each of the

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