Cancer Chemotherapy III. The Forty-Sixth Hahnemann Symposium. Edited by Brodsky Isadore Kahn Sigmund Benham Conroy James F., pages. Grune & Stratton, New York, San Francisco, and London, 1978. Price, $39.50.

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Symposium papers grouped into four sections: The first, on mechanisms of action of chemotherapeutic agents, includes chapters on immunotherapy and anticoagulation and on tumor cell kinetics and tumor biology. The section on clinical management of solid tumors stresses the importance of therapeutic decisions. The third section, on bone marrow physiology and supportive care, includes a chapter on marrow transplantation and chapters on transfusion. The concluding section, on hematologic neoplasms, includes discussion of mycoses fungoides, cytogenetics, and recent research on the relation of viruses to hematologic neoplasia. A bewildering array of abbreviations for names of chemotherapeutic agents may make the text

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