Dialysis Review. The Essentials in Hemodialysis. Edited by Davison Alex M., pages. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and Toronto, 1978. Price, $19.00. An Illustrated Guide. By Jungers P. Zingraff J. Man N. K. Drüeke T. Tardieu B., pages. Martinus Nijhoff Medical Division, The Hague, London, and Boston, 1978. Price, not given.

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Dialysis Review, based on a meeting sponsored by the Yorkshire Kidney Research Fund in September 1977, considers facilities for end-stage renal failure and dialysis schedules (in the United Kingdom); hemodialysis in acute hepatic coma; vascular access; the problems of anemia, hypertension, disturbances in calcium and phosphate metabolism, and progressive dialysis encephalopathy (“dialysis dementia”); and possible future developments. The last section deals with hemodialysis in pediatric patients. The Essentials in Hemodialysis, a color-illustrated paperbound manual, is intended for general practitioners or hospital physicians dealing with uremic patients or for medical school graduates and students, public health officers, dialysis nurses, and patients

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