The Complete Handbook for Medical Secretaries and Assistants. Second Edition. By Doyle Jean Monty Dennis Robert Lee. pages. Little, Brown and Company Boston, 1978. Price, $15.00.

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New material includes office medical procedures with illustrations, the problem-oriented medical record, use of computer systems in the office, and effect of photocopy machines in offices and hospitals. Recent emergency first-aid techniques, including the Heimlich maneuver, are explained; and a list of commonly used laboratory tests and their diagnostic significance are appended. Sections on Medicare, Medicaid, and CHAMPUS health insurance; medical and operative reports; and radionuclides and X-ray procedures have been expanded. Medical definitions, anatomical terms, and reports are divided into specialties. The section on terminology lists roots, prefixes, suffixes, and plurals. Should be a useful addition to the physician's

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