The Immunopathology of Lymphoreticular Neoplasms. Edited by Twomey J. J. Good Robert A., pages. Volume in Comprehensive Immunology. Series Editors: Good Robert A. Day Stacey B., Plenum Medical Book Company, New York and London, 1978. Price, $45.00.

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A broad perspective on research and clinical data relating to the immunopathology of lymphoreticular neoplasms is presented. The 23 chapters are written by scientists and physicians from throughout the United States, with a predominance of contributors from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The first four chapters consider basic experimental observations that have led to a definition of the T- and Bcell systems, their regulation, and changes with age. Classic studies of experimental models of lymphoid malignancies are described. There is an excellent complete review of lymphoid neoplasms in animals.

Various aspects of lymphoreticular neoplasms in humans are then covered, including

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