Hemolytic Anemia in Disorders of Red Cell Metabolism. By Beutler Ernest. pages. In Topics in Hematology. Series Editor: Wintrobe Maxwell M., Plenum Medical Book Company, New York and London, 1978. Price, $23.50.

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During World War II, a major part of warfare had to be conducted in malarious areas. Since the Japanese had cut off the major supply of cinchona, and therefore quinine, it was necessary to develop a satisfactory synthetic substitute as effective therapy and prophylaxis for malaria. For this purpose, the oxyquinoline derivatives were developed. It was soon found that a certain segment of the population developed hemolytic anemia when treated with the prototype drug, primaquine.The investigation of mechanisms and predictability of this drug-related blood dyscrasia by a team of investigators from the University of Chicago School of Medicine culminated

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