Clinical Phonocardiography and External Pulse Recording. Third Edition. By Tavel Morton E., pages. Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., Chicago and London, 1978. Price, $24.95.

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In recent years, phonocardiography has received less emphasis as a noninvasive cardiologic diagnostic tool. This should not detract, however, from its true importance, since cardiac auscultation remains a vital cornerstone of clinical cardiology.

This third edition essentially follows the content and sequence of the previous edition but adds a section on echocardiographic correlates of the various auscultatory events. The additional figures, especially those combining the phonocardiogram and echocardiogram, are distinctly worthwhile.

The basic format and areas covered, which have made this book a useful text and reference, remain undisturbed in this edition. Essential information on the principles and techniques of

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