Advances in Internal Medicine. Volume. Edited by Stollerman Gene H. Harrington William J. Kirsner Joseph B. Kossmann Charles E. Siperstein Marvin D., pages. Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., Chicago and London, 1979. Price, $32.95.

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Twenty authoritative reviews that cover a wide range of important clinical problems. Several merit particular attention by clinicians: the relations of prostaglandins and aspirin effects (Moncada and Vane); adverse effects of several kinds of therapy (oral contraceptives, Durand and Bressler; cancer treatment, Harrington; digitalis, Doherty; drug abuse, Becker); treatment of some major problems (venereal disease, Sparling; respiratory insufficiency, Mariencheck). The main fault of this collection is that reviews likely to be obsolete 5 years from now are published in a too long-lived and too costly format.

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