Textbook of Renal Pathophysiology. Edited by Knox Franklyn G., pages. Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., Hagerstown, Maryland, 1978. Price, $20.00.

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In an unusually attractive and well designed volume, Knox and 18 contributors from the Mayo Clinic present an overview of clinical renal physiology that, although planned primarily for use in the undergraduate curriculum, also offers an excellent supplement and refresher for house officers or non-renal physicians. Subjects covered range from reviews of basic physiology (glomerular filtration, tubular function, water, sodium, potassium, and divalent cation metabolism) through more clinically oriented topics such as renovascular hypertension, urolithiasis, mediation of glomerular injury, renal failure, and a survey of successes and problems encountered in dialysis and transplantation programs. The chapters on acid-base problems, clinical

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