Coronary Artery Disease: Recognition and Management. By Rackley Charles E. Russell Richard O. Jr. pages. Futura Publishing Company, Inc., Mount Kisco, New York, 1979. Price, $33.00.

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Clinical investigators at the University of Alabama have been among the leaders in research on acute myocardial infarction and cardiovascular surgery. The highlights of a decade of clinical research and their practical implications are summarized in 15 chapters—10 principally by the editors and five by their colleagues: Oberman, Eddleman, Logic, Froelicher, and Kouchoukos.

The presentation is in a comfortable style, suggestive of a continuing education lecture course rather than a textbook. The book, like many such courses, focuses on the interests and areas of research expertise of the authors. Each chapter provides good historical perspectives, numerous illustrations (mostly reprinted from

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