Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer. Edited by Lipkin Martin Good Robert A., pages. Plenum Medical Book Company, New York and London, 1978. Price, $37.50.

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As might be expected when 12 of the 41 contributors to this well-written text are from Memorial Hospital in New York City, this book clearly reflects the Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer “bias.” A more appropriate title for this volume would be “Immunological, Epidemiological, and Experimental Aspects of Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer.” It is not a complete review of all aspects of gastrointestinal tract cancer, nor did the authors intend it to be so.

The first chapter reviews proliferation and differentiation of normal and abnormal cells of the gut epithelium. The second chapter by deSousa and Good summarizes current knowledge of lymphoid populations

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