Dangerous Plants, Snakes, Arthropods & Marine Life. Toxicity & Treatment. Edited by Ellis Michael D., pages. Drug Intelligence Publications, Inc., Hamilton, Illinois, 1978. Price, $18.00.

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In our modern civilization, and particularly in view of our eagerness to return to nature via vacationing and weekend camp sites, and hikes, we are seldom out of easy reach of some poisonous plant, arthropod, snake, or even a fresh- or salt-water fish. In 1976, for example, plants were responsible for most (10.1%) of the poisonings of children under five years of age reported to the National Clearinghouse for Poison Control Centers. This was twice as many (5.9%) as occurred from soaps, detergents and cleaners—the second highest source. Because poisonings resulting from other encounters with nature are increasing each year,

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