Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme and Sarcoidosis

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To the editor: In the paper “Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme and Gallium Scan In Noninvasive Evaluation of Sarcoidosis” by Nosal and colleagues in the March 1979 issue (1) 27 of the 156 nonsarcoid control subjects had elevated serum angiotensin-converting enzyme levels (Table 2, page 330). Of these, 21 had nonsarcoid pulmonary involvement such as bronchial asthma or pneumoconiosis, and six control subjects had no pulmonary involvement. On page 331, the authors state that the 21 subjects with high angiotensin-converting enzyme levels represented “14% of patients with chest disease other than sarcoid.” This percentage would indicate a total of 150 control subjects with

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