Malignant Lymphomas Other Than Hodgkin's Disease. Histology, Cytology, Ultrastructure, Immunology. By Lennert Karl, in collaboration with Stein Harold Mohri Noboru Kaiserling Edwin Miller-Hermelink Hans Konrad. pages. Springer-Verlag, New York, Heidelberg, and Berlin, 1978. Price $147.50.

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The histopathologic classification of nonlymphocytic lymphomas that Rappaport suggested in 1966 on the basis of cytologic characteristics and tissue architecture has proved to be clinically useful, and its simple terms have served effectively and communicatively as the standard nomenclature in most studies of the management of these diseases. Since then, several clinical and morphologic observations, especially with regard to histiocytic lymphoma, called for some revisions. There also has been disagreement among the expert hematopathologists about the cytologic basis of the nodular architecture of some lymphomas. In addition, the rapid progress in immunology has called for the application of these discoveries

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