MGH Textbook of Emergency Medicine. Emergency Care as Practiced at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Edited by Wilkins Earle W. Jr. Dineen James J. Moncure Ashby C., pages. The Williams and Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1978. Price, $49.50.

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Emergency medicine, an emerging academic discipline and clinical specialty, has long awaited a quality textbook. The MGH Textbook of Emergency Medicine is a genuine attempt at filling this void.

In five sections this book covers the scope of emergency medicine. The first section, on life support, includes a discussion of cardiopulmonary and acid-base pathophysiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and shock. The second and third sections, each arranged according to the various subspecialties, cover the gamut of medical and surgical emergencies, respectively. Neonatal and pediatric emergencies and angiography as it relates to emergency medicine are also discussed. The fourth section deals with the

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