Applied Therapeutics for Clinical Pharmacists. Second edition. Edited by Koda-Kimble Mary Anne Katcher Brian S. Young Lloyd Y., pages. Applied Therapeutics, Inc., San Francisco, 1978. Price, $31.50.

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This may become the “book of choice” in applied clinical pharmacology. The second edition is hard-covered and largely expanded (944 pages versus 535 pages). There are 43 chapters, 11 of them new. The 45 contributors all appear to be practicing clinical pharmacists.

The authors successfully weave pharmacologic, pathophysiologic, and pharmacokinetic principles into practical applications to specific patient care problems. The result is a nicely presented package on rational drug therapy. The contributors use a variety of case histories to clarify information presented in the text. In addition, the most frequently asked drug therapy questions are presented, when appropriate, with well-referenced

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