Atlas of Dermatology. By Rassner Gernot Knickenberg Monika. pages. Urban & Schwarzenberg, Baltimore and Munich, 1978. Price, $24.00.

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Excellent photographs can help immeasurably in forming accurate mental pictures of the several hundred known skin diseases. Dr. Gernot Rassner of Ulm, Germany, has prepared an atlas of dermatology filled with remarkably clear photographs showing most of the skin diseases that practicing physicians see in their careers; Dr. Guinter Kahn of Miami translated the atlas from the original German.

After a 19-page section on “basics”—comprising brief discussions of structure and function, the history and physical examination, and general pathology and therapy—there is a 176-page photographic display of dermatologic disorders ranging from congenital conditions to venereal diseases. The introductory section contains

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