Patients, Physicians, and Illness: A Sourcebook in Behavioral Science and Health. Third edition. Edited by Jaco E. Gartly. pages. The Free Press, A Division of MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1979. Price, $15.95.

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Colleagues from medical sociology are attentively watching the changing health care scene as well as the behavior of various participants in it. Their observations are summarized in this third edition of Jaco's text, already well known in earlier editions to the sociological audience. The amount of their activity is reflected in that of the 27 chapters, only eight are retained from the second edition (1972). This is indeed a source book, with three kinds of chapters: literature overviews, data-based studies, and theoretical treatments of role-related issues.

For a medical audience, these sociological writers present a different style and different concerns.

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