Viral Hepatitis. A Contemporary Assessment of Etiology, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis and Prevention. Edited by Vyas Girish N. Cohen Stephen N. Schmid Rudi. pages. The Franklin Institute Press, Philadelphia, 1979. Price, $49.50.

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Since the discovery of Australia antigen (hepatitis B surface antigen) in 1965 and of its subsequent relationship to hepatitis B in 1968, new avenues of research into hepatitis have resulted in a very rapid accumulation of information, first about hepatitis B, and then about hepatitis A, and hepatitis non-A, non-B. Frequent symposia have been held to exchange and impart information. A symposium held at the University of Southern California in March 1978 in which many authorities on hepatitis participated is the basis of this book.

Because this is the report of a symposium, there is a great variation in style

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