Altered Splicing of JARID1B in Development of Human Cutaneous Melanoma?

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Upregulated expression of histone H3K4 demethylase JARID1B has been found in several types of human cancer, but the expression pattern of this protein in benign naevi and human cutaneous melanomas seems to differ from that described for other tumors. We demonstrate that the apparent contradiction may be because of the fact that the malignant transformation of melanocytes is associated not so much with a general enhancement of a total expression of JARID1B but rather with a change in relative expression levels of individual splicing variants of the protein. Our data indicate that parallel immunohistochemical assays of the expression levels of all the isoforms and of the RBP2-H1 variant of JARID1B may be an efficient technique of differentiating between benign naevi and melanomas.

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