Mismatch Repair Protein Expression in Fordyce Granules

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Fordyce spots are a frequent condition under which sebaceous glands are found in the oral mucosa. There are 2 studies in the literature that have found an association between Fordyce spots and either Muir-Torre syndrome or Lynch syndrome. Despite this, no study on the expression of mismatch repair (MMR) proteins has been performed on biopsies of Fordyce granules. In this study, we intend to study the expression of MMR proteins under Fordyce condition. We investigated 9 cases of Fordyce spots of the oral mucosa from 6 men and 3 women, using immunohistochemistry with antibodies for the MutS protein homolog 6 (MSH6), MutS protein homolog 2 (MSH2), MutL protein homolog 1 (MLH1), and postmeiotic segregation increased 2 (PMS2). All cases showed the preservation of the expression of all markers. Even though a strong association has been demonstrated between Lynch syndrome and Fordyce spots, our study suggests that studying the biopsies of Fordyce condition by immunohistochemistry for MMR proteins might not be necessary.

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