Advances in Pharmacogenomics and Gene Therapy

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The human genome project has provided a wealth of information regarding the role of genes in disease. This paper will give an overview of some of the current topics. Pharmacogenomics, which studies how a person's genetic code will affect a response to treatment with medication will be discussed. Gene therapy to treat disease with an emphasis on suicide genes will also be covered.


Searches of Medline, Web of Science, and the internet were conducted to find research articles, press releases, and other information related to pharmacogenomics and gene therapy. The reference list from the articles cited in the search results were also utilized.


Pharmacogenomics has shown benefit for predicting effectiveness and toxicity for some chemotherapeutic agents in oncology. Gene therapy, such as with suicide genes, has shown promise, but serious adverse effects have created cause for concern.


Pharmacogenomics and gene therapy have tremendous potential in the field of oncology. Further research is needed before these can be fully utilized, but continued improvements offer hope of substantial advances in this area.

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