A study of evolution strategy based cooperative behavior in collective agents

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The following paper introduces an evolution strategy on the basis of cooperative behaviors in each group of agents. The evolution strategy helps each agent to be self-defendable and self-maintainable. To determine an optimal group behavior strategy under dynamically varying circumstances, agents in same group cooperate with each other. This proposed method use reinforcement learning, enhanced neural network, and artificial life. In the present paper, we apply two different reward models: reward model 1 and reward model 2. Each reward model is designed as considering the reinforcement or constraint of behaviors. In competition environments of agents, the behavior considered to be advantageous is reinforced as adding reward values. On the contrary, the behavior considered to be disadvantageous is constrained as subtracting the values. And we propose an enhanced neural network to add learning behavior of an artificial organism-level to artificial life simulation. In future, the system models and results described in this paper will be applied to the framework of healthcare systems that consists of biosensors, healthcare devices, and healthcare system.

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