Validation of the Turkish Version of the Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment Screen

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The objective of this study was to validate the Turkish version of the Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment (Qmci-TR) screen.


In total, 100 patients aged ≥65 years referred to a geriatric outpatient clinic with memory loss were included. The Qmci was compared to the Turkish versions of the standardized Mini-Mental State Examination and the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).


The Qmci-TR had higher accuracy than the MoCA in discriminating subjective memory complaints (SMCs) from cognitive impairment (mild cognitive impairment [MCI] or dementia), of borderline significance after adjusting for age and education (P = .06). The Qmci-TR also had higher accuracy than the MoCA in differentiating MCI from SMC, which became nonsignificant after adjustment (P = .15). A similar pattern was shown for distinguishing MCI from dementia. Test reliability for the Qmci-TR was strong.


The Qmci-TR is a reliable and useful screening tool for discriminating MCI from SMC and dementia in a Turkish population.

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