Intervention Helps Family Caregivers of People With Dementia Attain Own Therapy Goals

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Introduction:Caregiver intervention studies typically assess whether participants attain general goals (eg, improved mental/physical health) but not their own individual goals. We used goal attainment scaling to evaluate whether participants of a telephone intervention based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) attained their personal goals. We also evaluated treatment compliance and implementation.Methods:A sample of 139 family caregivers of people with dementia received 12 telephone sessions over 6 months. Participants personal goals were specified during the first and second sessions. Participants and therapists assessed goal attainment at the end of the intervention.Results:Nearly all participants reported meaningful improvements with regard to their personal goals. Specifically, 20.9% exceeded, 56.4% completely attained, and 21.8% partially attained at least one of their personal goals. There was high agreement between self- and therapist ratings. Treatment compliance and implementation were highly satisfactory.Conclusions:The CBT telephone intervention successfully helped participants attain their personal goals.

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