Use of and satisfaction with Community Aged Care Packages in the eastern suburbs of Sydney

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The pilot study aimed to examine the accessibility and the flexibility of the Community Aged Care Package (CACP) program, and provide recommendations for further improvement.


Data were collected using structured interviews with 80 CACP recipients, and mail surveys with nine service coordinators of CACP services. Descriptive statistics and χ2 analysis were used for quantitative information, and thematic analysis for qualitative data.


CACPs were utilised more frequently and for longer periods by clients with English-speaking backgrounds and those living alone. The average level of client satisfaction with CACP was high, over 62% rating extremely satisfied. Participants expressed concerns related to CACPs including inflexibility, lack of communication between service providers and other health services, poor continuity and quality of care, inadequate funding, problems with recruitment, retention and support for staff.


While the clients' overall satisfaction levels were rated high, qualitative information suggested a need for improvement of the current delivery of the CACP program.

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