Does the Aged Care Funding Instrument provide increased funding in residential care? Comparisons with the Residential Classification Scale

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To determine whether the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) provides more funding than the Residential Classification Scale (RCS) for residents in the Hellenic Residential Care Facility.


All residents within the care facility were assessed over a six 6-month period using ACFI, RCS and Clifton Assessment Procedures for the Elderly (CAPE) scores. Differences in funding levels were calculated using ACFI and RCS instruments against a standardised CAPE score.


CAPE dependency RCS funding per resident per day varied from $32.20 for grade A to $116.20 for grade E4 residents. CAPE ACFI funding varied from $20.20 for grade A to $127.50 for grade E4. There was no significant difference in mean overall funding between the two scales (ACFI $92.50 vs RCS $90.35, P = 0.76).


The ACFI does provide a small but not significant increase in funding to residents in residential care. It redirects funding to higher dependency residents.

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