Lack of Clinical Usefulness of Das-1 Monoclonal Antibody and Mucin Expression as Risk Markers of Gastric Carcinoma in Patients With Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia

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Our aim was to evaluate the usefulness of the monoclonal antibody Das-1 as a premalignant marker of gastric intestinal metaplasia (GIM) associated with gastric cancer and its association with mucin expression.

We evaluated Das-1 and mucin expression in 4 groups: 1 (n = 50), gastric carcinoma, paired samples of the cancer area and GIM away from the tumor; 2 (n = 25), gastric or duodenal ulcer with Helicobacter pylori infection with GIM and chronic gastritis; 3 (n = 25), H pylori–autoimmune chronic atrophic gastritis with GIM; and 4 (n = 25), H pylori–chronic gastritis without GIM.

Das-1 immunostaining was observed in 20 (40%) of 50 cases in cancer areas. The expression of Das-1 in GIM from group 1 cases away from the cancer area was different from that in GIM from nontumor cases (groups 2 and 3): 13 (26%) of 50 vs 2 (8%) and 0 (0%) of 25 (P = .004). There was no association between Das-1 and mucin expression.

Das-1 expression was associated with GIM from patients with gastric cancer. However, this relation was weaker than previously reported, precluding clinical usefulness as a premalignant marker of GIM.

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