Immunoarchitectural Patterns of Germinal Center Antigens Including LMO2 Assist in the Differential Diagnosis of Marginal Zone Lymphoma vs Follicular Lymphoma

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To examine the immunoarchitectural patterns of the germinal center (GC)–associated markers CD10, BCL6, and LMO2 and their utility in the differential diagnosis of marginal zone lymphoma (MZL) vs follicular lymphoma (FL).


Forty-two cases of MZL involving lymph nodes and 88 cases of FL were examined.


Interfollicular staining for GC markers was uncommon in MZL but common in FL, including BCL2-positive and BCL2-negative cases. Two atypical patterns of intrafollicular GC staining were identified that were more common in MZL than in FL.


Staining for LMO2 in addition to CD10 and BCL6 facilitates the detection of a GC phenotype in FL. Lymph nodes involved by MZL frequently show characteristic alterations of GC immunoarchitecture. Recognizing these altered patterns assists in the distinction between MZL and FL.

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