Incidence of Diagnostic Change in Colorectal Polyp Specimens After Deeper Sectioning at 2 Different Laboratories Staffed by the Same Pathologists

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To calculate the incidence of nondiagnostic (ND) colorectal (CR) polyp cases in which deeper tissue sectioning rendered new diagnostic information—particularly adenomas—in 2 laboratories staffed by the same pathologists.


After initial diagnosis, 100 ND CR polyps from each laboratory were reexamined with 3 deeper levels to establish rates of diagnostic conversion based on biopsy specimen location and original observation(s).


Deeper sectioning rendered new diagnostic information in 43 (21.5%) of 200 biopsy specimens and specifically adenomas in 16 (8.0%) of 200 biopsy specimens.


These results support routine ordering of deeper levels on ND CR polyps to improve adenoma detection rates, especially those cases without any histologic abnormality. If another biopsy in the same case already is adenomatous, examination of deeper levels may not be necessary, as it may not have any significant effect on the clinical management of the patient.

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