Tissue Response to Bovine Fetal Collagen Extracellular Matrix in Full-Thickness Skin Wounds

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To present the findings of the biological response and assimilation of bovine fetal collagen (BFC) as observed in biopsy specimens taken after implant.


The biopsy specimens were from 9 patients with full-thickness skin wounds who received the BFC biomaterial in the first stage of a 2-stage reconstruction. Biopsy specimens were taken at the second stage of skin grafting from the wound margins.


The response to the BFC included neovascularization and infiltration of the collagen matrix with fibroblasts. The acellular matrix had the tinctural properties of devitalized tissue, which may be mistaken for coagulative necrosis if one is unaware of the biomaterial implant.


The characteristics of BFC histology should be recognized by pathologists involved in patients treated for reconstruction and wound care.

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