Adjuvant Chemotherapy With Dacarbazine, Vindesine, and Cisplatin in Pathological Stage II Malignant Melanoma

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Following curative lymph node dissection, 28 patients with pathological Stage II malignant melanoma (metastatic to regional lymph nodes) received adjuvant chemotherapy with dacarbazine, vindesine, and cisplatin (DVP); 32 more patients with similar characteristics refused adjuvant treatment. In the treated group, 15 patients (53%) developed dissemination of disease after 4 to 29 months; 20 (62%) of the patients who refused adjuvant treatment recurred after 4 to 25 months and received palliative treatment with DVP. No significant differences in survival or disease-free survival according to different patient characteristics could be detected between these two groups with the available patient population. Large and well-designed prospective randomized trials are required to determine if the adjuvant use of this treatment schedule, which includes the three most active drugs improves survival in patients with nondisseminated melanoma.

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