Paclitaxel Plus Gallium Nitrate and Filgrastim in Patients With Refractory Malignancies: A Phase I Trial

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To determine the maximally tolerated dose of paclitaxel with and without filgrastim (G-CSF) when administered as a 24-hour intravenous infusion after a 120-hour infusion of gallium nitrate at a fixed dose of 300 mg/m2/24 hours, 40 patients were entered onto a trial lasting from September 1994 to September 1996. Eligibility included a diagnosis of an advanced malignancy not amenable to curative therapy and up to one previous chemotherapy regimen for metastatic disease. Gallium was administered at a fixed dose of 300 mg/m2/day as a continuous intravenous infusion for 120 hours. Paclitaxel starting at 90 mg/m2 was given concurrently with the last 24 hours of the gallium as a 24-hour intravenous infusion. Cycles were repeated every 21 days. Once the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of paclitaxel was reached, G-CSF (5 μg/kg/day days 7-16) was added and paclitaxel dose escalation continued.The MTD for paclitaxel without G-CSF was 110 mg/m2 and 225 mg/m2 with G-CSF, with neutropenia being the dose-limiting toxicity. A partial response was noted in a patient who had thymoma and a complete response was achieved in a patient who had colon cancer.The recommended phase II dosage is gallium nitrate at 300 mg/m2/day over 120 hours, with paclitaxel at 110 mg/m2 over 24 hours without G-CSF or 225 mg/m2 over 24 hours with G-CSF and 0.5 mg calcitriol on days 1 through 7. Further trials of this modified regimen for outpatient administration are in progress.

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