Sarcoidal Foreign-Body Granulomatous Dermatitis Associated With Ophthalmic Drops

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Sarcoidal granulomas are found in sarcoidosis and in reactions to foreign materials. We report the case of an 81-year-old woman with glaucoma who presented with multiple brown-black asymptomatic papules over the chin and involving nasal mucosa and columella of 1-year duration. Biopsy of the nasal mucosa and cutaneous papules showed sarcoidal granulomas associated with brown-black intracellular pigment within multinucleated giant cells. Electron-probe x-ray microanalysis demonstrated high sulfur content. Clinical studies showed no evidence of systemic sarcoidosis. Two of three ophthalmologic drops contained sodium bisulfite; bisulfite is known to cause allergic reactions. Although the exact substance causing the granulomatous reaction is unknown, the distribution of the lesions-nasal mucosa and columella (via the nasal lacrimal duct) and the underlying chin-implicate the eyedrops in the production of the pigmented granulomatous nodules.

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