Cellular Angiolipoma: A Clinicopathological and Immunohistochemical Study of 12 Cases

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Cellular angiolipoma is a rare variant of angiolipoma. To date, only a few reports have been published in the literature. In this report, we analyzed a series of 12 cases to further evaluate this entity. Seven patients were men and 5 were women, aged from 23 to 62 years (average, 39 years). Clinically, the lesions occurred predominantly in the subcutaneous tissue of the extremities and trunk wall, usually as part of multiple small tender nodules. In 5 cases, cellular angioloipoma coexisted with the conventional angiolipoma. Histologically, the tumor differed from its conventional counterpart by containing densely cellular areas that occupied more than 90% of the tumors. By comparison, adipocytic component accounted only for a minimal portion (<10%). CD31 and CD34 immunostainings highlighted the rich vasculature in the cellular areas. In conclusion, the clinical and morphological overlaps between the cellular angiolipoma and its conventional counterpart indicate that they lie within the same spectrum of a single entity.

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