Cutaneous Inguinal Scar Endosalpingiosis and Endometriosis: Case Report With Review of Literature

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Endosalpingiosis and endometriosis represent ectopic growth of the fallopian tube epithelium and endometrial glands and stroma, respectively. Cutaneous endometriosis is a well-known entity, most often presented on scars after gynecological procedures. Cutaneous endosalpingiosis, however, appears to be a rare condition, with only 5 cases described in medical literature thus far. The authors report an unusual case of a woman with combined inguinal endosalpingiosis and endometriosis occurring in the cutaneous scar at the site of previously placed surgical drain, 10 years after myomectomy had been performed. The authors also provide an extensive review of medical literature in English regarding cutaneous endosalpingiosis and endometriosis and discuss their clinical, histopathological, and immunohistochemical features.

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