Viral-associated Trichodysplasia Secondary to Antineoplastic Treatment in a Patient With Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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Viral-associated trichodysplasia spinulosa is an unusual condition with distinctive clinical and histopathological features. Initially described in patients immunosupressed as a result of solid organ transplantation, it has also been reported in patients treated with immunosuppressive drugs other than cyclosporine or being treated for hematological malignancies. Patients presented with disseminated follicular, hyperkeratotic papules, and variable degrees of alopecia. Histopathological examination revealed shaftless bulbous and dilated hair follicles with keratotic plugging of the infundibulum. The authors reported a case of viral-associated trichodysplasia in a 5-year-old boy treated for a lymphoblastic leukemia. Eruption persisted, although treated with emollients and keratolytics, but resolved spontaneously after completing the antineoplastic medication.

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