Myoepithelioma-like Tumor of the Vulvar Region Presenting as a Nonmyxoid Spindle-Cell Neoplasm: A Potential Histologic Mimicker of Solitary Fibrous Tumor

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A new entity termed “myoepithelioma-like tumor of the vulvar region (MELTVR)” has been proposed as a rare mesenchymal neoplasm of the vulvar area. Histologically, MELTVRs are usually similar to soft tissue myoepitheliomas; however, they have a characteristic immunoprofile, including positivity for estrogen receptor and negativity for S100 protein, and loss of SMARCB1 expression. In this first known case report of MELTVR, the authors present a case of MELTVR that was histologically categorized in a nonmyxoid spindle-cell tumor group and resembled solitary fibrous tumor rather than soft tissue myoepithelioma.

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