Diffuse Dermal Angiomatosis of the Breast With an Apparent Etiology of Underlying Calcified Thrombosed Artery With Adjacent Fat Necrosis

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In this report, the authors present a case of diffuse dermal angiomatosis (DDA) with an underlying mass lesion of the breast, which proved to be a large calcified, thrombosed artery with adjacent fat necrosis. Histologically, DDA consists of hyperplastic vessels, which diffusely infiltrate the papillary and reticular dermis forming small vascular lumina. The condition is associated with various underlying conditions, many of which result in local tissue ischemia. In the past, DDA was most commonly reported on the lower extremities; however, it seems that this entity is more common on the breast than previously recognized. Various treatments have proven beneficial, including revascularization, oral corticosteroids, smoking cessation, and isotretinoin. In this case, our patient benefited from primary excision of the affected area.

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