Melanocytic Matricoma With Consumption of the Epidermis: An Atypical Histologic Attribute or a Malignant Variant?

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Melanocytic matricoma is a recently described cutaneous adnexal tumor composed of matrical and supramatrical cells admixed with pigmented dendritic melanocytes, thought to recapitulate the anagen bulb of the hair follicle. We report a case of a 75-year-old white man, which demonstrates consumption of the epidermis that is defined as thinning of the epidermis with attenuation of the basal and suprabasal layers and loss of the normal rete architecture in areas of direct contact with neoplastic cells. It has been associated with aggressive histologic features in melanoma and likely represents an early phase of ulceration due to attenuation. Epidermal consumption has not been previously reported in nonmelanocytic tumors and it is uncertain whether this atypical histologic feature represents a sign of malignant behavior in this rare tumor.

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