Myxoid Spitz Nevi: Report of 6 Cases

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Mucin deposition in Spitz nevus seems to be a very rare phenomenon, as there have only been 3 cases previously published. We report 6 additional cases, half of them in women, and half in men. The ages of the patients varied from 5 to 47 years (mean = 30.17). Sizes of the nevi varied from 3 to 6 mm. Four lesions were located on the extremities, whereas one was located on the trunk (there was no clinical information about the other). A vascular lesion was suspected in 2 cases. Excision with clear margins was achieved in all cases but one. So far, there have been no recurrences after follow-ups varying from 1 to 5 years. The biopsy showed a symmetrical melanocytic Spitz nevus in all cases. Three cases were compound, and 3 cases were junctional nevi. The epidermis was either acanthotic or hyperplastic in all cases, with no epidermal consumption. Kamino bodies were found in 4 cases. The deposit of mucin was moderate in 5 cases and mild in one case. Mucin was found in the stroma between the dermal melanocytes in cases of compound nevi and in the melanocytic nests of the junctional component.

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