Disseminated Granulomatous Perifollicular Dermatosis With Comedones: A Follicular Variant of Lichen Nitidus or a New Entity?

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The presence of acquired generalized keratotic follicular papules and comedones developing in adulthood constitute an uncommon clinical situation. Although this clinical presentation has been described in several noninflammatory, inflammatory, and neoplastic skin disorders, its association with an exclusive perifollicular epitheliod or granulomatous inflammatory reaction represents an exceedingly rare phenomenon. We report a case of a 57-year-old male patient presenting clinically numerous acquired disseminated follicular papules and comedones, showing isolated perifollicular sarcoid-like granulomatous inflammatory infiltrates at the histological examination. These lesions experienced a complete spontaneous resolution after several months. The possibility that this disseminated, epithelioid, granulomatous, perifollicular dermatosis may represent an isolated follicular variant of lichen nitidus or a previously nonreported skin disorder is discussed.

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