Prognostic significance of C5a2 on polymorphonuclear neutrophil and C5a2intra/C5a2 ratio level for early sepsis in an ED

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The current study was designed to evaluate the expression of the second C5a receptor (C5a2) on polymorphonuclear neutrophil and in the cytoplasm of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (C5a2intra) in patients with sepsis in the emergency department (ED) for risk stratification and mortality.


Consecutive patients fulfilling the criteria for systemic inflammatory response syndrome (n = 357) were admitted to Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital ED between January 2015 and July 2015. They were enrolled to identify the expression of C5a2 and C5a2intra and categorized into the following 4 groups: systemic inflammatory response syndrome, sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock.


We report that the surface C5a2 decreased and the C5a2intra/C5a2 ratio level increased with sepsis severity. As independent predictors of 28-day mortality, the areas under the receiver operating characteristic curves of combination of C5a2 or C5a2intra/C5a2 ratio level and the Mortality in ED Sepsis score were significantly higher than that of procalcitonin alone in predicting 28-day mortality in septic patients.


The C5a2 and the C5a2intra/C5a2 ratio levels are probably valuable for the risk stratification of sepsis and are associated with the mortality of early sepsis in the ED.

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