Multiple myeloma presenting as acute pancreatitis

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A 36 year old male presented to the emergency department with severe epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting without hematemesis, diarrhea and anorexia. He presented with respiratory distress, shock and fever at the emergency. He was intubated and shifted to the intensive care unit with the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis with hypercalcemia and an elevated amylase and lipase's well as thrombocytopenia and elevated creatinine. CT scan of abdomen was done which showed lytic bone lesions in the spine and necrosis of the pancrease. He was evaluated for multiple myeloma and it was confirmed in a bone marrow biopsy. Multiple myeloma usually is seen in patients aged more than 60 yrs. The typical presentation of multiple myeloma is anemia, back pain, and an elevated sedimentation rate. Patients with multiple myeloma have hypercalcemia but it's rarely manifested as acute pancreatitis. This case shows a rare presentation of multiple myeloma as acute pancreatitis in a younger adult.

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